Split'Em 2.9

A simple and flexible 001-type file splitter and merger
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Split ’Em is a simple and flexible 001-type file splitter and merger. It can split any big file into as many smaller files as needed, either by stating the size of each of the split files or the total number of files you want. You can also decide on how the original file will be reassembled at the other end – automatically after the downloading process is finished, or by using a batch or a header file.

Except when splitting the original file to fit into various floppy disks (here the program automatically calculates the number of files needed), you can customize the number of files and/or the maximum number of bytes each of them will have. The files generated follow the .001 to .XXX pattern, and they can be merged using different options which need to be decided upon before the splitting process starts. You can tell Split ‘Em to create a specific batch file compatible with a particular Windows operating system, which can be as old as 3.x. If this option is not checked, the program will automatically create a HDR file instead (header file), needed to perform the merging process. There is a third option, especially useful when sending the smaller files through a network – the automatic reassembling of the files as soon as the last file has been copied or downloaded. Either way, you only need to have Split ‘Em installed at the recipient’s end when using the header file option.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Various reassembling options available
  • Size of split files can be customized by the user down to byte level


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